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Better Indoor Air Quality

Ensure better indoor air quality in your building with services from LPR A/C & Heating, Inc. in Nokesville, Virginia. We understand the importance of breathing fresh, clean air, and we know how to prevent pollutants from getting into your home.

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A Double-Edged Sword

Today's homes are better insulated and more tightly sealed than older homes. This uses less energy, but it also seals in humidity, dust, and pollutants. The quality of air inside your home is probably worse than it is outdoors. Not only can dirty air make you less comfortable, but it can also create serious problems for family members who suffer from asthma and allergies.

The Risks of Poor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. In addition, it can cause headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea, and fatigue. People who already have respiratory diseases are at greater risk.

Biological pollutants, including molds, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites, and animal dander promote poor indoor air quality and may be a major cause of days lost from work and school. In office buildings, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are frequent sources of biological substances that are inhaled, leading to breathing problems.

Breathe Easy

Our highly trained technicians ensure better air quality by installing, cleaning, and maintaining top-of-the-line HVAC systems. We offer a professional service that lets you and your family breathe easy.

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